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  • Dr.
    Basil Gordon
    DDS, BDS

    Basil Gordon DDS, BDS was attracted to the world of Dentistry at a very young age.  Although, he never quite knew it as a young child, he became fascinated with taking toys apart then putting them back together again. He later became enlightened with concepts of perspective, lighting, shadow and color as a 9 year old studying Art. At his junior school, he thoroughly relished Biological Sciences, Math, English, loved building and painting model aircrafts as well as rendering serious graphite portraiture after school. Without realizing it, these became welded into his DNA and became the backdrop upon which Dental School study would eventually thrive. He was awarded the Best Dental Student of General Medicine and Surgery in his year and consistently in the top few of the class. Dr. Gordon has since evolved and significantly as a Dentist, owned offices in different parts of the world, expanded his professional knowledge base consistently to incorporate All Specializations of Dental Practice. In 1998, Dr. Gordon was granted a USA Patent for dental Implants as well.

    Our patients are exposed and can benefit from a diverse professional tapestry of perspective, experience and Dentistry skill sets which sky scrape from Dr. Gordon’s professional and pragmatic approach to their Patient’s dental needs and wants

    Because of these, it is our honor, privilege and indeed our purpose to offer the highest level of Dental care to every single one of our Patients and find a way that makes financial and pragmatic sense to move forwards in their endeavor of achieving oral health, wellness, and confidence.

    We invite you to allow Dr. Basil Gordon and his team at Eastbluff Dental Care of Newport Beach the privilege of caring for you and your family’s dental needs too.

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